Overview of the Department

The department of Mathematics was started in our college way back in 1968 with the assistance of faculty member from Chennai.  In 1969, Sr Susan, our former correspondent and provincial joined the department to continue the work.  Since then the department has grown considerably and many dedicated lecturers of Mathematics have contributed their best to inculcate interest and teach Mathematics to the students.

Between 1969–90, several lecturers of Mathematics have joined the department and helped to develop it further.  In 1969, Mrs. B. Koteswaramma joined the department and she served the department as Head from 1971 to 1998.  In 1971, Mrs. Durga Subbayamma joined and worked till 1989. In 1976, Mrs. Leela Ratnam joined the department and she worked till 1990 and thereafter she went to Tirupathi to work in Padmavathi Mahila Viswa Vidyalayam as her family is put up there.

In June 1990, Mrs.G.Usha Kumari joined the department and is contributing much to develop the department as the Head since 1998.  Mrs. C.Krishnaveni joined the department in 1995 and Sr. Kulrekha Mudartha in 1998, in the department of Mathematics.  In 2011, Sr. Asha has joined the department and the other members of the department include Mrs.S.Padmavathi,  Mrs. Y. Sailaja  Mrs.K.Tabitha, Ms. K. Bhanu Priya, Ms. V. Renuka.

Taking into consideration, the need of the students and the employment pattern, the college has introduced B.Sc. with computers & B.Sc. with Electronics in 1991.  This combination has succeeded in drawing the attention of the student community and is being taught very successfully.  The other achievement of the department is introducing B.Sc. Maths, statistics and computers in 2003.  Since the beginning of the autonomy in 2003, an IDE namely Quantitative Aptitude has been introduced.  We have also taught different elective subjects namely Operations Research, Topology, Special functions and Number Theory. Much effort is taken by Ms. C. Krishnaveni in framing the syllabus and model papers of these electives.

Sr.Rekha from the department has given the responsibility of examinations as the controller of examinations in the autonomous set up from 2007-09. She has taken up the charge of Principal form 2013.  Mrs. G. Usha has taken up the administrative responsibility by working as Vice Principal for Intermediate Section during 2008 –11.

Goals and Objectives


  •  Overall development of Student’s personality to attain excellence.


  • To set and achieve high academic standards in an atmosphere of autonomy.
  • To prepare young women to continually search for truth and to grow into
  • mature and responsible persons, ready to face the challenges of life at home and in the society.
  • To enable the Students to think independently in a creative and fearless manner.


Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras
Ms. G. Usha Kumari
Dr. Sr. Kulrekha Mudartha
Dr. C. Krishnaveni
Ms. V. Sudha Devi
Ms. S. Padmavathi
Sr. S. Asha
Ms. K. Tabitha

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