The National Cadet Corps is one of the premier youth organizations in our country contributing and propagating National Unity and Integrity amongst youth. It recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India.

Unity and Discipline is the motto of the NCC. It came in to force in 15th July 1948 with a view to impart the skills and training in handling weapons of different type.

As the NCC helps in character building, confidence, leadership patriotism, honesty, punctuality among people (cadets), Maris Stella College has introduced the NCC keeping in view of the vision of the college:  Empower, Enrich, Excel and Transform. The NCC units in the college have evoked much enthusiasm among the students. There are over 100 cadets from all the 3 wings Army, Navy and Air force and taking part in many community development activities under the able guidance of senior ANOs. At present Lt. N. Sailaja,  ANO Army wing, Ms.V.Swapna, the care taker Naval Unit are leading the NCC.


  • To create human resources of organised, trained and motivated youth
  • To provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.
  • To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in armed forces.
  • To develop character, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.


  • Make the cadets participate under 4(A) Girls battalion and 8(A) Naval units which function under Kakinada Group  Units, and  indulge in all the NCC activities at grass root level to community level and National level
  • Train students to participate in all activities and equip them to face various challenges in their life.


  • Cadets involve in rural and urban upliftment activities
  • Cadets participate in social awareness programmes, community development activities, rallies, signature campaigns, Swachhtha Pakwada etc.
  • Cadets contributes towards social evils like child labour, human trafficking, corruption, drug abuse etc. to eradicate


  • The NCC is a highly reputed body which also acts as second line of defence, giving training to youth
  • The students who choose the NCC as their career option are directly associated with the ministry of Defence, by being an NCC cadet
  • Other than Military training the cadets also learn several valuable things such as selflessness, honesty, discipline, hard work, ways to build confidence and gain leadership qualities.
  • The cadets get training in parachuting, paragliding, swimming basic aviation courses.
  • The cadets will have special quota which is very useful in case of final selection to join in the armed
  • There are a total of 32 seats which are set aside for cadets who holds the NCC “C” Certificate and scored 50% marks in graduation.
  • The cadets are eligible for SSC-Staff Selection Commission without qualifying for a CDS written exam once if they posses the NCC “C” certificate
  • Other than just armed forces there are several Central and state Government organisations who give special preference to the NCC cadets.
  • Apart from training, cadets are given job opportunities
  • Scholarships and financial aid in time of any tragedy while doing any NCC related Activities.


  1. Chairperson – Principal
  2. Chief Instructor
  3. PI Staff
  4. ANO
  5. Care Taker
  6. Two Sr Cadets