• Regular testing and evaluation is indispensable for systematic and consistent intellectual work.
  • Students are expected to be regular in taking up monthly test and terminal examinations.
  • Examinations are held at the end of each term. All students are required to take these examinations. Failure in this regard will be viewed seriously.


All Under Graduate Programmes are based on the semester pattern, requiring six semesters of study for a bachelor’s degree. Each semester has a minimum of fifteen weeks of six working days per week or ninety working days.

Evaluation of students shall be based on both Continuous Assessment (CA) for 50 marks and Semester End Examination (SEE) for 50 marks w.e.f. 2019 batch onwards.

Continuous Assessment

  • CA has two components. The first component comprises one written test for 25 marks. The written test will be held after seven weeks / 45 days from the beginning of the semester.
  • Second component may include project work / seminar / internship / field trip / quiz / assignments etc. It carries 25 marks of which assessment for a minimum of 10 marks will be online.
  • There is no minimum mark required for passing in the CA.
  • Students can choose to write a Continuous Assessment Improvement Test (CAIT), conducted towards the end of the  semester if they wish to improve their performance.
  • It is compulsory for a student to take CA test and II Component to be  eligible for SEE.

Semester End Examination (SEE)

  • There shall be a comprehensive examination of three hours duration at the end of each semester.
  • A student is eligible to take SEE if she has
    • Required attendance in each
    • Taken both components of
    • Has paid the examination fee before the due date.
    • Not eligible (NE) students are also required to pay the fee to be promoted to the next

For the present III years and Supplementary candidates only:

  • Supplementary candidates have to answer the same question paper as in the case of regular candidates, provided their syllabus and model question paper are the same.

Requirement for Pass

The minimum marks required for passing in each course is as follows:
 For Theory Courses:


ProgrammeSEEAggregate of CA & SEE
B.A. / B.A. (TTM),  B.Sc.  / B.Sc. (A&R)   40%   40%
B.Com. (General, Computers, TPP)   40%   40%
BMS / BBA   40%   40%

For Practical courses:

The minimum marks required for passing in each practical course is 20 out of 50.


  • The college takes a serious view of unfair methods in all theory and practical
  • Cases of malpractice noticed at any stage are severely punishable. Cancellation of all examinations taken or to be taken by the candidate during that specified period is the immediate minimum punishment suggested.
  • If any student is found guilty of malpractice on more than one occasion during her stay in  the college, all the examinations taken or to be taken by her during that semester will be cancelled and she may be debarred from examinations for three years.

Duration of the Programme

  • A student who is unable to complete the programme within the normal period, N years or minimum duration prescribed for the programme, may be allowed two years’ time beyond the normal period (N+2) to clear any backlogs in order to qualify for the degree.
  • In exceptional cases like major accidents or child birth, an extension of one year beyond the maximum time span (N+2+1) will be considered.


M.A., M.Com. & M.Sc.

PG programmes are affiliated to Krishna University and semester system is followed. Evaluation of the students is based on both internal assessment and university examination. Each course carries 100 marks divided into 70 marks for external assessment and 30 marks for internal assessment.

Internal Assessment:

  • Internal assessment has two written examinations for 30 marks each and the average is taken.
  • Candidates shall put in attendance at the college for not less than 75% of the total number of    working days in each

University Examination:

  • Every student is required to take the Semester End Examinations at the end of each
  • The examination is for 3 hours duration and carries 70
Students who are unable to take the SEE in any course, for any reason shall be eligible to take the same whenever it is offered.