The hostel is a home away from home wherein the hostelites are united as one large, happy family. They elect their own office bearers and committees at the beginning of each academic year. These office bearers then assume responsibility for the many and varied activities of hostel life, which include socials, inter-floor sports, entertainment, library and mess. Ragging is absolutely forbidden. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against students resorting to ragging.


A well-equipped, spacious gymnasium is located in the campus for both students and staff.


Canteen facility is available for staff and students on the campus.

The Bank

The Canara Bank, Bharathi Nagar Branch, located in a separate block within the campus caters to the diverse needs of the staff, students and general public.

Bank Timings:

  • Monday to Friday:  10.00 AM to 3.30 PM 

                                           02.00 PM to 2.30 PM (Lunch)

  •  Saturday : 10.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Stationery & Photocopy Centre

The college provides photocopying and telephone facilities for the faculty and students at this centre.

Internet and WiFi facility

Good internet and WiFi facility is available both for faculty and students in the college.


Good, spacious and well-equipped laboratories are maintained by all the physical, biological sciences and computer science departments. Language labs to develop listening and speaking skills in English are also available.

Skill Development Centre

The Skill Development Centre in the college promotes skills among staff and students.


The college auditorium hosts numerous events like national conferences / workshops / seminars / FDP / other student related activities etc.

Audio Visual Room

The well-equipped audio-visual room is used to hold various activities, staff and student meetings. It is also used as a smart class room and for presentations during national conferences / workshops / seminars organized in the college.

Smart / Virtual / Digital Class Rooms

Smart/Virtual/Digital Class Rooms are used for ICT enabled teaching and learning.

Open Stage

Major functions, assemblies, celebrations and competitions take place on the open stage. Students exhibit their talents on this stage during cultural week and other celebrations.

Sports Ground & Indoor Stadium

A big and well-laid out playground and a specially designed indoor stadium are available to provide physical exercise and to cater to sports enthusiasts. Regular sessions of sports and games are held here as part of the curriculum.

Green Rooms

The main open stage, the college auditorium and the indoor stadium are provided with well-equipped green rooms for the convenience of participants during college celebrations, other performances and competitions.


Physically challenged students are facilitated with ramps at different places in the campus. Toilets with grab bars are also available.

Sick Room

A room is provided for students who fall ill on the campus and are unable to remain in class.

RO Water Facility

Reverse Osmosis water facility is provided for the health and safety of faculty and students.

Fire Extinguish Service

The college buildings are totally secured with fire proofing for the protection of the campus community.

Solar Panels

Uninterrupted power supply is provided through solar panels.

Book Bank

The purpose of the book bank is to provide text books to economically disadvantaged and deserving students. Books will be issued on loan to such students for one academic year. Current text books on all subjects are available on loan. A student borrowing books from the book bank shall be fully responsible for their safe custody. The books should not be marked, written upon or damaged. In the event of any damage or loss, she shall replace it with a new copy of the book or pay such compensation as may be decided by the principal. The borrowers are not allowed to sub lend the books. All books on loan must be returned at the end of each semester. If the books are not returned in time, the student will not be eligible to borrow books in future. Original certificates will be issued only on the production of a clearance certificate from the librarian. The librarian may recall any book at any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired.