About the Committee:

The Student Welfare Committee plans and conduct activities to enhance the quality of campus life of students. It strives to make the learning experience an enjoyable one.


  • To provide a safe and secure environment for college students
  • To inculcate the values of personal responsibility and accountability


  • The committee plans the activities in consultation with the Principal, Dean Planning & Communication, IQAC Coordinator, Vice Principals and HoDs and coordinates the same with the Student Council and various Committees and Clubs.

Functions expected (Role & Responsibilities)

  • To address various issues of the student community and resolve amicably.
  • To facilitate the election of Student Council and monitor the activities of Student Council on a regularly.
  • To coordinate with the Examination Section regarding Con-donation fees for all the three year Degree students.
  • To ensure that the First -Year students enroll in Co-curricular activities.
  • To coordinate with Office for ID cards, Bus Pass, Admission numbers of First Year students.
  • To coordinate services of Infirmary. When students are very serious faculty who is free in nearby departments during that hour collaborates with Vice-Principals and Deans.
  • To act as a liaison between students and parents concerning their health issues especially when students are seriously ill to admit them to the hospital.
  • To be available to the students and parents for issue clarification and gate pass permission.
  • To coordinate with Library regularly for Book Bank and facilitate collection of books from donors of I, II & III year students of all programmes and hand them over to Book Bank.
  • To guide the students for Stella Radio.
  • To guide the Departments for morning assembly prayer.
  • To coordinate with Principal, Dean Planning & Communication, Vice-Principals, Mentors, Office and Sponsoring Agency. for the Management Scholarship.
  • To represent Staff Council or Management for certain programmes to give the welcome address or felicitate the guests.
  • To attend the meetings as and when necessary for all the above said programmes.


  • Offers students a stress free environment and makes their learning process an enjoyable one.
  • Quick and smooth facilitation of all the works.
  • Decreases the dropout rate and percentage of absentees.
  • Provides opportunities for self-exploration.
  • Grooms students to become responsible individuals.

Composition of the committee

  1. Principal – Chair Person
  2. Dean-Planning & Communication
  3. Coordinator
  4. 4 Faculty Members.
  5. 3 Student Representative