Student Code of Conduct

Student Discipline:

1.Students are expected to

  • Be in the respective classrooms by 8.50 a.m.The day begins with a common prayer at 8.55 a.m. in which all should participate with respect and attention Late coming will result in loss of attendance for the corresponding period and will attract a fine.
  • Attend the classes regularly and be punctual.
  • Follow the College dress code. Must come in College uniform (Except on Saturdays) and wear College ID.
  • Rise from their seats and greet the Lecturer when she/he enters/leaves the classroom.
  • Be quick while changing classrooms between each period.
  • Pay college fees and examination fees in the College office and Examination Section respectively before the due date to avoid fine.
  • Wear a lab coat during practical periods in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Food Science & Technology, Microbiology Labs otherwise, student(s) will not be allowed to do practicals.
  • Maintain discipline and decorum on and off campus.               

Student Responsibilities:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2. Students are required to

  • Speak in English at all times while on campus.
  • Submit assignments/Observation books/Records/Project Reports on time in the prescribed formats.
  • Keep the campus neat and clean.
  • Should not put any waste anywhere in the campus except in the waste baskets kept.
  • Any violation of this shall invite strict action.
  • Refrain from activities such as scribbling or noting on walls, doors or furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambience.
  • Handle carefully the furniture, equipment and appliances of the college and laboratories. A heavy fine will be levied on students who misuse/ damage College property.
  • Read all the circulars/notices displayed on the notice board and act accordingly.
  • Hand over to the College office any property found in any place inside the campus.
  • Take care of their valuables on campus. The College is not responsible if students lose valuables like money, ornaments, mobile phones etc.
  • Avoid unnecessary gossip in the classroom, as this would disturb the focus and attention, besides causing a nuisance to the concerned teacher.
  • Check the attendance and result on the College website through the student login.
  • Visit the College Office at the stipulated time as mentioned in the College Handbook.
  • Bring parents on the day of the ‘Parent-Teacher Meet’.
  • Use Social media carefully and responsibly.

Authorization Rules:

  1. No student shall bunk/miss classes and sit anywhere on the campus during the class hours. Attendance is taken at every lecture, practical, tutorial or remedial as specified in the College timetable.

     4. Students must be present on the reopening day of each semester and all other days of National importance. 

     5. Students must report to College soon after the Dasara vacation and Christmas vacation. Absentees will lose attendance and are liable to strict action.           6. No student shall be absent from any class without proper application for leave. A student absent for 3 or more days must submit a leave letter signed                 by the parent to the Vice-Principal.                               

     7. A student who is absent on medical grounds is required to submit a medical certificate, copies of prescriptions, reports of medical tests etc. along with            the leave letter on the day of re-joining classes. In case of long leave (sickness / major accident / maternity), parents are requested to come and meet the          College Principal.

     8. Students who intend to represent the College in intercollegiate events shall take prior permission from the concerned faculty in charge of outside                         competitions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               9. Students, who represent the College at competitions/fests/workshops/seminars/cultural meets/sports/games and other extra- curricular activities like              NCC, NSS, RRC, STARS etc. will earn attendance when the deputations are properly authorized by the  appropriate faculty-in-charge.

    10. All the students are expected to attend all College events/celebrations in college uniform unless otherwise specified. 

    11.Students are not permitted to leave the College during working hours. In case of emergency, students have to call a parent, get a gate pass from the Deans, Student Affairs and can leave the College after making an entry in the gate register maintained by the watchman.

Utilization of Facilities:

12. Students are encouraged to

  • Make optimal use of the Library, Gymnasium, Labs, Computing facilities etc.
  • Involve in professional body activities or any program authorized by the College beyond class hours.
  • Make use of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular facilities available to the optimum levels.
  • Use the infirmary room at the time of sickness to rest with the permission of HoD and Deans, Student Affairs.
  • Take part in all the activities/competitions/events organized by the College during Talent Fiesta Week, Star Quest Week and Sports Day etc.


13. Students are prohibited/forbidden to

  • Involve in any form of ragging inside or outside the College campus.
  • Participate in political agitations.
  • Involve in Protests/Strikes/Agitations on campus
  • Organize/attend meetings, celebrations and processions without the permission of the Principal.
  • Address any authority in a Such combined action is subversive of good order.
  • Interact on behalf of the Institution, with media representatives or invite media persons onto the campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • Submit any matter for publication in newspapers, magazines or journals in the name of the College without the permission of the
  • Collect money / Raise funds for any purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Post any of the deemed problems on Social media / Press without the knowledge of the Principal.
  • Post negative statements/comments about the College/faculty/staff/other students on Social media websites.
  • Place an order for food items during college hours from outside the campus.
  • Eat in the classrooms and verandas/corridors
  • Go to the College canteen during class hours
  • Meet parents, guardians, relatives or friends during working hours.
  • Students found guilty of serious indiscipline shall immediately forfeit their scholarship, fee concessions etc. and are liable to be suspended / dismissed from the College.

Academic Norms:

14. To graduate successfully, a student should enrol and complete

  • Minimum two (at least one online and one offline) certificate courses.
  • Any one of the extra-curricular activities.
  • Community Service Project, Summer Internship and Semester-long Internship
  • Students should enroll in any one of the student clubs.

Examination Regulations:

  1. A student must have at least 80% attendance in each course to appear for SEE
  2. A student is eligible to take SEE if she has
  • Required attendance in each
  • Taken both components of
  • Paid the college and the examination fee before the due date.
  1. Cases of malpractice noticed at any stage are severely punishable. Cancellation of all examinations taken or to be taken by the candidate during that specific period is the immediate minimum punishment suggested.
  2. If any student is found guilty of malpractice on more than one occasion during her stay in the  College, all the examinations taken or to be taken by her during that semester will be cancelled and she may be debarred from examinations for three years.

                                                                                                Mobile Phone Policy

  1. The purpose of this policy is to establish clear-cut guidelines regarding the usage of mobile phones inside the campus.
  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones at any time or at any place on campus except for academic purposes and under the supervision of the course teacher. The mobile phones shall be kept in silent mode in the campus.
  • All the staff members are authorized to confiscate the mobile phones found with students. Violation of the rule will result in strict action by the Principal.
  • Confiscated phones will be returned on payment of the fine.

Important Points to Note

  1. The money collected from the students as fine on instances of noncompliance with the rules and norms will be kept in a separate account and will be utilized for purposes such as charity and scholarship.
  2. A Grievance Redressal Cell exists in the Institution. Students are advised to approach the Faculty-in-charge of Grievance Redressal Cell (as mentioned in the Handbook) for getting their grievances addressed.
  3. Students are expected to follow all rules and regulations as laid down in the handbook.
  4. The Management / Principal shall reserve the right to add, delete, amend or alter the conduct rules from time to time and all the students are bound by the rules in force at the time of admission every academic.
  5. Students must approach the Vice-Principal’s office for all matters related to academics.