FMM Governing Body :

The Governing Body of the Society of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary consists of the Provincial Superior and her Council. The Provincial Superior is the President of the Governing Body. The President presides over all the meetings of the Governing Body. In the absence of the Provincial Superior, a delegate nominated for the purpose shall act as the Chairperson.

The Constitution of the FMM Governing Body :

Provincial Superior     President / Chairperson

Vice Principal

Controller of Examinations
Members working in the college

Duties and Responsibilities of the FMM Governing Body :

  1. Sets all policy matters concerning the institution.
  2. Directs general policy and is responsible for the general welfare of the institution.
  3. Approves, and modifies all projects recommended by the committees regarding financial matters such as raise of salaries, fee structures, and mobilization of funds through acceptable means and delegates such powers to the local governing body.
  4. Appoints the Secretary / Correspondent and Principal for the institution from among the members of the Congregation.
  5. Appoints / transfers religious sisters to any other institution under its control on administrative grounds or exigencies of service, or for the larger interests of the institution.
  6. Examines and approves proposals regarding land purchase, construction of buildings, major repairs and extends financial support if required.
  7. Approves the annual budget and audit reports of the institution and salary structure for the faculty.
  8. Appoints enquiry committees pertaining to all matters of the institution if necessary.


1. Governing Body of the College

The Governing Body monitors all the activities of the institution such as Academic Administration, Finance, Research and other internal matters. The body is at the apex as far as decision making and execution are concerned, besides meeting the mandatory requirements from statutory bodies. It functions through decentralization of its powers and duties and is responsible for the systematic functioning of the entire institution.

Constitution of the Governing Body :

President / Chairperson
Secretary /Correspondent
Vice Principal
University Representative / Nominee
UGC Representative / Nominee
APSCHE Representative / Nominee
Members from Finance Committee,
Two Senior Faculty
The Provincial is the President of the Governing Body

Functions of the Governing Body :

  • The Governing Body ensures that the vision and mission of the institution are achieved.
  • It acts as ‘Check and Balance’ mechanism auditing the functioning of academic, finance, research, consultancy and quality assurance units of the institution.
  • It approves the budget and the annual report of the institution and monitors the financial statement and fee structure.
  • It suggests improvement measures where and when necessary.
2. Academic Council of the College

Academic Council Composition :

The Principal (Chairperson)
Secretary / Correspondent
All the Heads of Departments in the College
Four teachers of the College representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college
Four experts from outside the college representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences etc., to be nominated by the Governing Body
Three nominees from the University
A faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary)
Controller of Examinations,
Vice Principals,
Deans, Academic Affairs
Term: The term of the nominated members shall be three years

Functions of the Academic Council :

  • Solely responsible for all academic matters such as framing of academic policy, approval of courses, regulations, syllabi, etc.
  • Ratifies the resolutions of the Boards of Studies
  • Recommend to the Governing Body proposals for institution of new programmes of study
3. Finance Committee of the College

Finance Committee Composition :

Principal (Chairperson) : Dr. Sr. Jasintha Quadras
Secretary / Correspondent : Sr. Sleeva Thumma
Vice Principals : Dr. Sr. G.Innyasamma , Ms. K. Hannah Anuhya
Controller of Examinations : Sr.Asha
Senior member of the faculty : Dr. Girija Nambiar, Dean, Planning and Communication
Bursar : Sr. Veronica

Functions of the Finance Committee:

  • Considers the budget estimates relating to the grant received / receivable from UGC, other non-government sources and income from fees to undertake the functioning of autonomy.
  • Audits the accounts for the above.