About the cell

  • Women Empowerment cell of Maris Stella College Started in the academic year 2007-2008 and continued till date.
  • It is organizing variety of awareness Programmes to enlighten on women related issues.


  • To Empower Women in all Aspects.
  • To Protest again Atrocities on Women .
  • To Create an Awareness on Self-Defense and the Role of Women.
  • To Deal with Gender Related Issues among Students.

Mechanism and Procedures:

  • The Cell operates through a committee.
  • The Committee organizes programmes to bring awareness among students and the society at large.

Role of the Committee:

  • To enlighten the students on the strategies of empowerment of women.

Role of the Participants:

  • Expected to adopt the different strategies to get empowered.


  • Students get enlightened about employment and empowerment.

Composition of the cell:

  1. Principal
  2. Dean, Planning and Communication
  3. Vice – Principals.
  4. One Faculty coordinator.
  5. 2 Faculty Members.
  6. 2 Student Representatives.