About Monitoring Committee:

Maris Stella College has a prescribed code of conduct for staff and students which is printed in the College Handbook and Education Manual and is also displayed on the college website. 

The management believes that to guide and equip staff and  students in moral and ethical values is a primary responsibility. To discharge this responsibility, it conducts awareness programmes so that students and staff are enabled to carry out  their duties and responsibilities by adhering to the rules and regulations and prescribed code of conduct. 

A Monitoring Committee was constituted by the IQAC in the academic year 2020-21 to monitor  adherence to the code of conduct. 

Objectives of the Committee:

  • To monitor adherence to the code of conduct 
  • To organize programmes on professional ethics for staff and students.  
  • To organize awareness programmes on code of conduct for staff and students.  
  • To implement the annual awareness programme on code of conduct

Functions / Strategies:

  1. The committee monitors the implementation of the annual awareness action plans made by the IQAC to drive home the code of conduct through awareness programmes, motivational sessions and guest lectures for staff and students. 
  2. Roles and responsibilities are assigned to student representatives, faculty coordinators of different committees/cells, HoDs, Deans of Academic Affairs, Deans of Student Affairs, Controller of Examinations and  Vice-Principals to schedule and implement the plan of action on code of conduct.
  3. The committee monitors the functioning of the following committees concerned with matters of discipline, ethics, and codes of conduct: 

         (i) Discipline Committee 

        (ii)   Anti-Ragging Committee 

        (iii)  Grievance Redressal Committee (For staff & students)

        (iv)  Internal Complaints Committee

    4. The committee maintains reports with  supporting documents of the programmes organized

    5.The committee meets once in every semester and records the minutes of the meetings.

The Composition:

  • Principal, Chairperson
  • Vice-Principals
  • Dean, Planning and Communication
  • Dean, Administration
  • Deans, Student Affairs
  • Controller of Examinations
  • IQAC Coordinator  –  Coordinator