Employees (Teaching and Non-Teaching faculty)

  • A strict code of conduct is mandatory for all employees.
  • All the employees are required to maintain regularity, punctuality and personal and general discipline in the campus.
  • Teaching faculty must maintain academic integrity and transparency.
  • All employees are expected to be committed in their duties and contribute towards the progress and quality of the institution.
  • All employees have to apply for leave as per norms with the prior permission of the Principal. For long leave, permission of the Secretary/Correspondent is required.
  • All employees must in form the Principal before leaving the headquarters even during vacation.
  • Employees are not expected to indulge in business, trade or politics or any other employment or work.
  • ‘OnDuty’ assignments are to be taken upon the production of proof from the authorities
  • The services of an unaided employee can be terminated on grounds of fraud, involvement in crime, negligence of duties, unsatisfactory discharge of duties, while memo for explanation can be issued to an employee with aid and later referred to the higher authorities for necessary action.
  • All employees are required to undertake any additional duties after college hours.
  • All employees shall follow the college code of conduct and not take up any violence, indiscrimination, politics and threaten the academic ambiance and peace and harmony in the institution, be it among students, staff or other stakeholders.
  • Disciplinary action shall be initiated against those who violate the norms of discipline and the smooth functioning of the institution.