About the Committee

At the beginning of every academic year, the Admission Committee is formed to organize and finalize the admission process to various programmes available in the college.

The Admission Committee is responsible for admissions to Inter, UG & PG programmes of the college.

The committee establishes and implements the criteria for admission to the various programmes. It maintains a strong presence across various social media platforms. In addition, the members engage in direct interaction with students through orientations. This is done to ensure queries are addressed, and also to build and showcase the programmes of the college through social media. 


  • To assists the management in getting maximum admissions to various programmes.
  • To facilitate guidance and interview procedures pertaining to admissions in the college.
  • To help solve queries of parents and students interested in taking admission to the different programs in the college.
  • To be responsible for assuring compliance with the admissions policies and practices of the college.
  • To decide on all matters relating to admissions of students at UG & PG levels along with the Principal.

 Functions of the Committee:

  • The Admission Committee assists the management in getting maximum admissions to various programmes offered by the college.
  • Organizes online orientation to different student groups to increase admissions.
  • Formulates and executes the admission criteria in filling the seats according to intake capacity.
  • Guides students and parents to choose a suitable stream of the UG programme in line with the interest of the students and marks secured.
  • Verifies original documents of the students.
  • Prepares the list of admitted students and submits it to the administrative office.

Benefits of Admission Committee

  • Admissions committee is most useful for the students to demonstrate a real understanding and commitment to their chosen subject area and show that they have considered its relevance to their future career choice.
  • Admissions process enables the committee to give deliberate and meticulous consideration of each applicant as a whole person. 
  • It permits extraordinary flexibility and the possibility of changing decisions virtually until the day the admission process is over for each applicant.

Composition of the Committee

  1. Principal.
  2. Dean,Planning & Communication.
  3. Degree Vice Principals.
  4. Senior Coordinator
  5. 2 Faculty Members.
  6. One Office Assistant.
  7. One System Admin.