Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee (ICC)

This committee examines and resolves cases of sexual harassment on the campus.

Anti-Ragging Committee

This committee addresses issues of ragging on the campus and has faculty and student members.

Grievance Redressal Committee

The Grievance Committee redresses grievances pertaining to all aspects of campus life. Grievances relating to examinations, however, are examined and resolved by the Controller’s Office.

Women Empowerment Cell (WEC)

The Women Empowerment Cell attempts to create awareness of women’s issues and promote positive action for women’s welfare.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

The Career Guidance Cell provides comprehensive and quality career development programmes and employment avenues. These resources equip the diverse student community to successfully meet the demands and challenges of a career.

Objectives :

  • To organize training programmes/ workshops/ seminars and special events to assist students in life planning.
  • To provide information on jobs and career opportunities.
  • To provide employment opportunities through recruitment programmes on campus and to foster partnerships both on and off campus.
  • To mobilize resources for needy students to apply for jobs or to start enterprises.