About the Committee:

Sexual Harassment is a type of harassment involving the use of explicit or implicit sexual overtones, including the unwelcome and inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.  Sexual harassment includes a range of actions from verbal transgressions to sexual abuse or assault.  Harassment can occur in many different social settings such as workplace, home, school, churches, etc.  Harassers or victims may be of any sex or gender.

The college is committed to provide a congenial and conducive atmosphere in which students, teachers and non-teaching staff can work together in an As per the guidelines of the UGC and the Supreme Court, an Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee has been established by Maris Stella College, (Autonomous), Vijayawada-8, “A college with Potential for Excellence”, to provide a healthy atmosphere to the students of the college.  

Environment free of violence, harassment, exploitation and intimidation.  

Anti-Sexual harassment committee deals with issues relating to sexual harassment.  The committee is formed to prevent sexual assault, rape and other related crimes on girl students.  


  • Prevention of sexual harassment to ensure safe environment for girls students.


  • To provide an environment free of gender discrimination
  • To promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms
  • To evolve mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence in the institution.
  • To create awareness about the challenges faced by the gild child/women and remedial or legal measures available
  • To assure all complainants (students, teaching and non-teaching staff) that the complaints given will be treated with dignity, respect and confidentiality
  • To curb false reporting, i.e., intentionally making a false report or providing false information is grounds for indiscipline
  • To deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment in a time bound manner, aiming to ensure support services to the victimized

Composition of the Committee:

  • Principal.
  • Vice Principals.
  • Dean,Planning & Commission.
  • Faculty Members.
  • One representative from the non-teaching staff.
  • One representative from the student community.

Suggested Strategies:

  • Make it clear that Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated at workplace.
  • Provide education and information about harassment to all staff and students on a regular basis.
  • Develop an anti-harassment policy together with employees, managers and staff and student representatives.
  • Communicate the policy to all employees.
  • Make sure that all managers and supervisors understand their responsibility to provide a harassment –free work environment.
  • Promptly investigate and deal with all complaints of harassment.
  • Monitor and revise the policy and education /information programs on a regular basis to ensure that it is still effective for workplace.

Benefits of the Committee:

  • Setting up an internal Anti Sexual harassment committee can be one way to ensure that there is a confidential procedure for complaints to be made and handled.
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment committee can play an important role in raising awareness of sexual harassment, helping to change workplace culture and promote a more positive working environment.
  • They can have a role in suggesting solutions to problems and give students, staff an opportunity to see the benefits of constructive social dialogue at local level.