The Correspondent is the Administrative Director of Works in the college and she represents the Management before the Government and the Director of Collegiate Education on all matters relating to the general administration of the college. It is her duty to play a supportive role to the academic community headed by the Principal and complement the work with her help and encouragement.

As the Correspondent of the college, she has to keep in touch with the educational authorities and seek speedy solution for administrative problems. She must be familiar with all GOs issued by the Government from time to time.

She should also take pains to mobilize funds from different sources for the development of the college.

She should supervise the maintenance of the college properties and provide facilities for smooth functioning of the departments.

The Correspondent of the college has the following administrative functions in consultation with the Principal : appointment of the staff, both teaching and non-teaching whether permanent or temporary, appointment of the management staff, approval of the probationary period of the staff and confirmation of their appointment, promotion of staff, disciplinary action against the staff, maintenance of their Service Registers, salary of the staff, sanction of increment, Provident Fund admission, loan, recovery of loan and closure, income tax, all kinds of leave except casual leave, maintenance of the properties directly connected with the college, requirements of the departments offices and class rooms, telephones, electricity and water, stationery items, Xerox machines, computer center and legal matters.

The Correspondent is an ex-officio member of the Governing Body of the college. She also serves as member in important policy-making committees of the college.

Duties of the Correspondent / Secretary

  • Represents the institution in all matters of correspondence, administrative, financial and legal issues with the university and government officials
  • Selects staff for various posts, teaching and non-teaching in the institution
  • Is responsible for sanctioning all types of leave, except casual leave, to the staff
  • Ensures the maintenance and safety of property, both movable and immovable of the institution
  • Submits the annual budget and audited statement of accounts to the Governing Body.
  • Submits monthly financial bills and statements


Rev. Sr. SLEEVA THUMMA FMM, 2014- Oct 2023

Sr. Sleeva was a person brimming with energy and passion for her work. A paragon of perfection, she consistently encouraged the pursuit of excellence and had a clear vision of how today’s youth should be inspired to learn. She firmly believed that "values are caught, not taught." Admiring creation and being a lover of nature, she maintained a quiet and confident demeanor, remaining approachable throughout her tenure. She was also a keen observer, ensuring that no detail escaped her notice in her administrative duties.

Rev. Sr. Alberta Duggimpudi FMM, 2011-2014

Sr. Alberta was truly a remarkable individual. Her dedication extended far beyond the routine administrative duties of her position. She spearheaded a captivating ballet performance on the history of the college, which deeply resonated with the entire college community. Her contributions to the unforgettable Golden Jubilee celebrations of the 2011-2012 academic year were nothing short of stellar. Possessing a rare talent for inspiring and motivating others, she fostered a spirit of collaboration that was instrumental in ensuring the college operated with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine. During her tenure, she revived the alumni association and facilitated numerous alumni visits to the college.

Rev. Sr. Cybil Cordeiro FMM, 2008-2011

Sr. Cybil Cordeiro exemplified discipline, punctuality, and a dedication to the task. Renowned for her direct approach, she crafted concise presentations that resonated powerfully with audiences. Her extensive experience in school administration made her an invaluable asset to the college. Recognizing faculty achievements, she actively encouraged them to pursue higher degrees, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Rev. Sr. Bala Mannam FMM, 2002-2008

Sr. Bala was a gentle, soft-spoken individual with a radiant smile that brightened every interaction. During her regular rounds, she made a concerted effort to acknowledge the strengths of both faculty and students. Under her guidance, the college hosted numerous national conferences, reflecting her commitment to academic excellence. She actively supported departments organizing prestigious programs, generously contributing her time and expertise. Sr. Bala also nurtured strong relationships with benefactors, well-wishers, and the wider community, ensuring continued support for the college's endeavors.

Rev. Sr. Appolonia Marneni FMM, 1999-2002

Sr. Appolonia was a person of extraordinary compassion, particularly evident in her deep care for the support staff. She diligently worked to implement welfare initiatives such as healthcare and educational support for their children, showing a personal investment by visiting their families herself. Her cooperative spirit and dedication to the mission entrusted to her were evident in every aspect of her work.

Rev. Sr . Susan MathEikal FMM, 1995-1999

Sr. Susan was known for cheerfulness and sociability. She actively pursued numerous aided posts for the college. Approachable and down-to-earth, she embodied a swift and efficient work ethic, never hesitating to lend a hand wherever needed. She had a knack for making others feel like family, displaying a youthful spirit and a quick intellect. Her thorough understanding of government regulations enabled her to effectively guide the office staff through various processes.

Rev. Sr. Sylvia SequIera FMM, 1992-1995

Called affectionately as Indira Gandhi, Sr.Sylvia was majestic in her look and dignified in her dealings. With a commanding presence and graceful demeanour, she cultivated and nurtured positive relationships with individuals from all walks of life. Radiating an aura of peace and serenity, she had a remarkable ability to impart these qualities to those fortunate enough to encounter her.

Rev. Sr. Leena Quadras FMM, 1989-1992

Sr. Leena was known for her deep faith and strong work ethic. With a knack for multitasking effortlessly, she approached each task with focus, completing them one by one with meticulous attention. Not only was she a team player, but she also welcomed new ideas with an open mind. As a commerce lecturer, she imparted knowledge with passion and commitment. Trusted with various responsibilities, she consistently delivered with utmost dedication, all while maintaining an approachable and pleasant ways.

Rev. Sr. Dolores Rego FMM, 1986-1989

Sr. Dolores epitomized intellect, diligence, and methodical approach in her role as a college correspondent. Her ability to seamlessly blend professionalism with her fervent passions was unparalleled. Overflowing with vitality and zest, she approached every task with tremendous energy. Known for her candid nature, she never shied away from speaking her mind, always opting for directness over evasion.

REV. Sr. Emelda Arouje FMM, 1980-1986

Sr. Emilda, a gentle dove, exemplified profound faith in her approach to every task, seeking guidance from the divine before even the simplest tasks. She dedicated herself wholeheartedly to student admissions, often working late into the night to ensure interview cards reached prospective students promptly. Known for her caring nature, she took a personal interest in the well-being of the office staff, demonstrating a remarkable sensitivity to their needs. Her empathy extended beyond the college walls, as she showed deep concern for those experiencing pain, distress, or sorrow, particularly among the youth. Sr. Emilda's presence was truly an embodiment of compassion, leaving a lasting impact on all who crossed her path.

REv. Sr. CLAire D’Souza FMM, 1977-1980

Sr. Claire D’Souza radiated warmth and cheerfulness wherever she went. Her compassionate nature led her to extend a helping hand to anyone in need, going above and beyond to offer support. With a remarkable talent for public relations, she effortlessly bridged gaps between individuals from all walks of life, fostering a sense of comfort and belonging for both the affluent and the underprivileged. Her musical prowess added harmony to every interaction, enriching the atmosphere with melody.

REV.Sr. Ode (Evelyn)FMM, 1974-1977

Sr. Ode, originally from Belgium, seamlessly integrated herself into Indian traditions and culture. Diligently staying abreast of current events, she applied her engineering expertise with precision and methodical dedication. Her humility and approachability endeared her to all. Deeply passionate about nature, she took proactive measures to maintain clean, green surroundings.

Rev. Sr . Sylvester FMM,1971-1974

Born in England, Sr. Sylvester found her true home in India. A pillar of dedication, she was passionate about both her work and her faith. A former Vice Principal, she was often seen clutching a file filled with staff leave letters, ensuring no classroom was left without instruction. With genuine sincerity and a gentle demeanour, she persuaded lecturers to hold extra classes whenever needed. Her endearing phrase "my dear please" echoed her caring nature. Beyond her duties, she took a personal interest in the well-being and progress of staff members' families. Sr. Sylvester's refined manner and kindness were unparalleled, leaving an indelible mark on all who knew her.

REV. Sr. Micholina(Ruth) FMM , 1968-1971

Sr. Micholina, an American citizen, was celebrated for her creativity and renowned for her gentle, kind, and understanding nature. Her presence had a comforting effect, making many feel at home. With a penchant for offering kind words to everyone she encountered, she was a pillar of support, known for her coordination skills and ability to foster teamwork.