The Correspondent is the Administrative Director of Works in the college and she represents the Management before the Government and the Director of Collegiate Education on all matters relating to the general administration of the college. It is her duty to play a supportive role to the academic community headed by the Principal and complement the work with her help and encouragement.

As the Correspondent of the college, she has to keep in touch with the educational authorities and seek speedy solution for administrative problems. She must be familiar with all GOs issued by the Government from time to time.

She should also take pains to mobilize funds from different sources for the development of the college.

She should supervise the maintenance of the college properties and provide facilities for smooth functioning of the departments.

The Correspondent of the college has the following administrative functions in consultation with the Principal : appointment of the staff, both teaching and non-teaching whether permanent or temporary, appointment of the management staff, approval of the probationary period of the staff and confirmation of their appointment, promotion of staff, disciplinary action against the staff, maintenance of their Service Registers, salary of the staff, sanction of increment, Provident Fund admission, loan, recovery of loan and closure, income tax, all kinds of leave except casual leave, maintenance of the properties directly connected with the college, requirements of the departments offices and class rooms, telephones, electricity and water, stationery items, Xerox machines, computer center and legal matters.

The Correspondent is an ex-officio member of the Governing Body of the college. She also serves as member in important policy-making committees of the college.

Duties of the Correspondent / Secretary
  • Represents the institution in all matters of correspondence, administrative, financial and legal issues with the university and government officials
  • Selects staff for various posts, teaching and non-teaching in the institution
  • Is responsible for sanctioning all types of leave, except casual leave, to the staff
  • Ensures the maintenance and safety of property, both movable and immovable of the institution
  • Submits the annual budget and audited statement of accounts to the Governing Body.
  • Submits monthly financial bills and statements