• Managed by service oriented Missionaries of Mary with clearly set vision and mission.
  • An institution established with a thrust on education and empowerment of women.
  • Around 20 acres of campus with eco-friendly ambience of flora and fauna.
  • Focus on the underprivileged learners.
  • Special emphasis on reaching out to the society.
  • Value based education.
  • Extension and outreach programmes.
  • Organic farming.
  • Internship: Efftronics, Journalism, Social Work, Tourism and Travel Management.
  • Midday meal for economically backward students.
  • Co-curricular activities: Compulsory for each student for two years to get their degree which include NCC, NSS, Sports & Games, Yoga, Literary (Telugu and English), Music, Dance, STARS, Martial Arts, Dramatics, Embroidery and Maggam Work, Beautician Course, Drawing and Painting, Cutting and Tailoring and making jute products.
  • Leadership training camps for students.
  • Training in Pedagogy for the staff annually.
  • Student study projects.
  • Three months’ certificate course in tailoring for under privileged women in collaboration with AIDWA.
  • Health awareness programmes and medical camps by alumni.
  • Environment conservation/preservation/awareness talks and visits to the schools.
  • Social responsibility awareness programmes.
  • Student club activities.
  • Mentoring & Counselling for students
  • Blended learning under MOODLE
  • Growing medicinal plants in the college botanical garden
  • Presentation of saplings instead of bouquets to the guests
  • Observation of vehicle free day once a week
  • Observation of plastic free day once in a month
  • Weekly Assembly
  • Celebration of Sanskrithi Day and Ethnic Day
  • Organizing annual Christmas fete’ to raise funds for the needy
  • Water Harvesting
  • Organizing book exhibition every year
  • Organizing Arts and Crafts exhibition by the NGO’s for two days by the department of Social Work
  • Inter-disciplinary electives
  • Solar Panels – Energy Conservation
  • Remedial Coaching
  • Sports period weekly once
  • Student placement programmes
Academic Year Document
2021 – 22
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Academic Year Document
2021 – 22
2020 – 21  
2019 – 20  
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