About the Committee:

Library Advisory Committee supports excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. It provides information resources, lifelong learning and the dissemination of knowledge.

Library Advisory Committee conducts meetings regularly in each semester and discusses the points such as – the collection, infrastructure and development of library services for the users.


  • To encourage students to read beyond the requirements of the curriculum.
  • To work with the faculty in integrating information skills, knowledge of information sources and the use of technology in accessing information needed to strengthen their instruction, research and extension programs.
  • To strengthen the efforts of the librarian in planning library activities and policies.
  • To take the feedback from staff and students and plan for improvement and enrichment of the library.
  • To act as a liaison between the library and the readers.

Members of the Committee:

    1. Principal
    2. Dean Planning & Communication
    3. Vice Principal’s
    4. Librarian
    5. Asst. Librarian
    6. One Senior Faculty.
    7. One Student Representative.

Functions of the Committee:

The duties and functions of the committee shall be as under:

  • To consider policy matters regarding procurement of books, journals, e-resources, and render advice to the librarian for library procurement’s.
  • To advice on library collections, services, and operation – including the broader issues that impact the library as well as how the library services and operation have an impact on the educational, research, and community outreach programs.
  • To consider and put forward the views of faculty members and students regarding Books/Journals/Online Journals selection and ordering process, etc.
  • To supervise the allocation and utilization of funds for different departments for purchase of books, journals, and e-resources.
  • To take the feedback from the departments & students and plan for improvement and enrichment of the library.
  • The committee meets once in a semester and submits its report to the IQAC and principal.