About the Cell:

The cell was constituted on 1st November, 2019. IPR cell aims at recognizing the intangible assets like inventions, copyrights, designs and other creative and innovative products.Provide a competitive edge to the institute.  It is a platform to share and discuss the latest developments and applications for faculty members and students.


  • To create an awareness on IPR for faculties and students.
  • To conduct FDPs, Workshops, & Seminars on IPR.
  • To disseminate knowledge on patent and copyrights filing process.
  • To encourage faculty members and students for patentable works.

Strategies, Mechanisms & Procedures

  • The cell entered into an MoU with Koneru Lakshmiah Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (KLIPFC) and ASSOCHAM for all the future endeavors on IPR.
  • Periodically lectures on various issues of IPR would be delivered with the support of experts from KLIPFC for faculty and students.
  • The IPR cell would conduct quiz programs exclusively on IPR to encourage the students to study and know more about IPR Functions
  • The cell scrutinizes legal and monetary facets of the documentation of research papers.
  • Many of the intellectual possessions are not sheltered due to the lack of understanding of the importance of IPR, therefore, the cell would contribute knowledge about IPR and aid in filing of patent applications and filing other forms of IPR.
  • IPR cell functions under the Research Committee of the college.
  • IPR cell IQAC in association would organize seminars, workshops and conferences to propagate the importance of IPR among the teaching community of the college.

Benefits for the Institution

  •  Institutions can protect innovations of faculty and students.
  •  Institutions can have competitive advantage by bringing out patentable inventions.

Composition of the Cell:

  • Chairperson –  Principal
  • Co-Chairperson – Dean Planning and Communication
  • Co-ordinators : Two Senior Faculty members
  • Members : Three faculty members from Arts, Sciences and Commerce and Management.
  • Student Representatives:  Three student representatives from Arts, Sciences and Commerce and Management

Activities 2020-21: Click here to view the report