About the Committee

Grievance Redressal committee was formed in the year 2003 to address the grievances of students, faculty, and parents relating to academics, amenities, technology and personal issues if any happened within the campus. The main functions of this committee is to address the grievance by the members of the committee, discuss the reasons for grievance and resolve the grievance with resolutions for smooth functioning of academic activities in the campus. All the grievances addressed are maintained in soft copy only. 

Objectives of the Committee

  • To address grievances received from students in order to cater their academic and personal issues within the campus.
  • To identify reason of the grievance and resolve the grievance as early as possible.
  • To counsel students and their respective parents as per the grievance committee resolutions.
  • To initiate action immediately as and when grievance arises in college to provide emotional and academic support to the students.

Mechanism and procedure

  • Grievances are collected from the suggestions box placed before the Principal office.
  • For every fortnight, the suggestion box data will be opened by Personal Assistant to Sr. Principal  and submits to Sr. Principal
  • Principal Sister will call for meeting to discuss and address the grievance as quick as possible for the benefit of students, faculty and parents.
  • Immediate action plan with resolutions will be derived to promote healthy environment in the campus.

Role and Responsibilities

  • To respond to the grievance as and when raised from students, faculty, and parents in the campus.
  • To have interaction individually who are involved in the grievance.
  • To discuss different alternatives to resolve the grievance.
  • All the members of the committee will attend to discuss and represent appropriate resolutions.
  • To initiate an action plan with resolutions to address the grievance as early as possible depending upon the issue.


  • Students have freedom to express their grievances in the campus.
  • Committee will support the students in different ways like motivating and counselling the students who are emotionally depressed or facing any academic challenges in the campus.
  • Parents may approach Sr. Principal and share their grievance relating to academics or any other and such grievances will also be addressed. 
  • Faculty issues will redressed, if any, mentioned personally to Sr. Principal by the committee.

Composition of the committee

  • Principal
  • Dean- Planning & Communication
  • Faculty Coordinator.
  • 3 Faculty Members.
  • 3 Student Representatives.