Research & Ethics Committee

About the Committee

  • Research is a crucial activity for any college and without the active involvement of its faculty members and students; it will be difficult to sustain the academic and professional knowledge of the faculty members and students.
  • The committee aims to bring a shift in the paradigm from teacher-fuelled learning to students-initiated research and book based learning, to students creating their own meaning.


  • To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institution.
  • To encourage faculty members to apply for Major, Minor Research Projects.
  • To motivate the faculty members for publishing quality research articles in national and international journals.
  • To appraise the faculty members and students of the latest developments in research.
  • Advise the college library on recent research journals and publications.
  • To ensure the maintenance of ethical standards of research in the college.

Strategies, Mechanisms & Procedures

  • To create an official whatsapp group exclusively to post research updates.
  • To motivate faculty to study various journals and identify area of their interest, prepare a title for their research article and discuss with the resource persons on the day of the workshop. (the faculty have to do homework)
  • To update the faculty with the available journals in our library.
  • To invoke critical thinking among students.
  • Encourage divergent and out of box thinking by giving them individual and small group projects (may be discipline specific also) that aim at identifying and solving some problems in the society.
  • To collaborate with industry by taking up small research projects or surveys etc..
  • Meetings with the HoDs of Arts, Commerce & Management, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and IT (Computer Science &Electronics Departments) to update on research & publications.


  • Members of the committee are required to play a proactive role in creating a research environment in the College.
  • The committee will endeavour to foster research in the college and encourage faculty members to apply for research grants.
  • To organise various programs, workshops and seminars on research methodology for faculty as well as students.
  • To ensure the maintenance and record of research activities carried out by the faculty and disseminate research material.
  • Disseminate research related information to the faculty.

Benefits for the Institution

  • Strengthen research skills and work towards discovery of new ideas and concepts.
  • Promotion of newer ideas and research among students and faculty helps in the development of college as more inclusive and participatory.
  • Development of research aptitude among students and motivate them to develop an attitude of openness for accepting newer ideas.

Composition of the Committee

  • Principal,Chairperson
  • Dean Planning and Communication
  • Co-ordinator : Senior Faculty
  • Members : Six Faculty Members from Arts, Sciences and Commerce and Management
  • Two Student Representatives

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