Greetings from the Principal of Maris Stella College!

Situated amidst lush greenery, Maris Stella College stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for young women from marginalized communities nationwide. Established in 1962, our institution boasts a distinguished legacy of delivering top-tier education and fostering opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

Maris Stella College transcends conventional education by providing a sanctuary for young women, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment where each student is valued and supported. We perceive education as a gateway to a brighter future and are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of our students.

What distinguishes Maris Stella College is our unwavering commitment to treating every student with dignity and actively supporting those from marginalized backgrounds. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly to create an environment where all students can flourish, addressing the unique challenges they may encounter.

Offering a spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts, Commerce, Science, and Management, Maris Stella College’s curriculum is meticulously designed to impart relevant knowledge and skills for a globalized world. Our emphasis on holistic education ensures students develop both academically and ethically, preparing them for success in their chosen fields.

For over six decades, Maris Stella College has catalyzed the transformation of numerous young women who have excelled in various spheres, including medicine, law, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Our esteemed alumnae serve as inspiring examples of the enduring impact of a Maris Stella education on society.

Maris Stella College upholds a commitment to excellence, evident through our rigorous assessments and accreditations. Recognized by esteemed bodies such as the NAAC and UGC, we continually strive for academic distinction and innovation to provide students with a top-tier educational experience.

Beyond academics, Maris Stella College is dedicated to social responsibility, organizing outreach programs and encouraging student involvement in community initiatives. Through STARS (Stellites Awaken and Reach Out to the Society), students engage in various activities promoting awareness and social welfare.

Looking ahead, Maris Stella College remains resolute in its mission to provide quality education and enhanced opportunities for marginalized students. Collaborations such as the Bajaj Fin Serv, United Board, US Consulate, Care to Action, exemplify our commitment to enriching the educational journey and preparing students for a dynamic future.

Choosing Maris Stella College signifies embarking on a transformative journey that not only imparts knowledge but instills enduring values. Our institution embodies a sense of familial community and a profound legacy of empowerment, where excellence is pursued one student at a time.