Overview of the Department:

The Department of computer science was established in the year 1990. The goal of the department is to prepare students to become thoughtful, productive members of the computing profession and community.

Computer science courses come in combination with other groups. They are MPCS, MSCS, MECS, and MCCS. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it gives both basic foundations as well as covers the latest technologies to the student.

The course follows APSCHE structure and UGC syllabus. Every three years the syllabus is revised with the latest technologies. The laboratories are equipped with the software and the hardware configuration required for the student to perform lab practical.


Computer Science curriculum incorporates subjects like programming in C/C++, Python, java & PHP, Database management Systems, Operating System, Data Structures, Internet Technologies, Software Engineering and  Big Data technologies.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Student should acquire adequate competency in theory, systems, and applications, the three main areas of the computer science curriculum
  • Exposure to expertise through workshops so as to get equipped with all the knowledge that is required to grow as a confident individual who can face the real world challenge
  • Build problem solving skills in students through internships and projects. So, that they can formalize general problem statements into precise algorithmic solutions.
  • Train up the faculty to enhance their knowledge and skills, to facilitate the student in all the ways.
  • To upgrade the knowledge of both students and teachers so as to understand the market trends and latest technologies.
  • To share the knowledge and contribute to the welfare of the society.

To attract more students to join the Computer Curriculum.


Ms. B. Roja Priscilla, M.Sc. (IS), HoD
Ms. P. Vidhyavathi, M.C.A.
Ms. E. Grace Lydia, M.C.A
Ms. P. Malathi, M.Tech.
Ms.Ch. Hari Manasa, MCA, MBA
Mr. Vinay, MCA