About AAA

The purpose of the Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) is to evaluate the performance of the various departments and of the institution and give suggestions for further improvement of quality in curriculum, teaching, learning, evaluation, research, innovation, extension and administration. AAA is done internally by the IQAC of the institution and externally by a peer group appointed by the Andhra Pradesh Commissionerate of Collegiate Education (APCCE).

An academic audit is undertaken to review the quality of the academic process in the institution and an administrative audit to review the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative procedures.

Objectives of AAA

  • To understand the existing system and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Departments and Administrative Units and to suggest the methods for improvement and for overcoming the weaknesses.
  • To identify the bottlenecks in the existing administrative mechanisms and to identify the opportunities for academic reforms, administrative reforms and examination reforms etc.
  • To evaluate the optimum utilization of financial and other resources.
  • To suggest the methods for continuous improvement of quality keeping in mind criteria and reports by NAAC and other bodies.

AAA Methodology

The IQAC of the institution formulates the criteria to conduct the AAA and to review the activities of the department and the institution through self-evaluation by faculty and departmental evaluation based on formats developed by the NAAC and the APCCE.

A committee, with a term of 3 years was constituted to undertake internal AAA to monitor and evaluate the institutional processes and to recommend measures for a quality-oriented academic framework and a strong administration. The committee conducts AAA every year to assess the functions of various academic and administrative departments and overall administrative system, records the observations and makes recommendations. A peer team appointed by the APCCE conducts an external AAA as per the schedule issued by APCCE.

The outcome of AAA (Internal & External) is placed before the IQAC of the institution.  A plan of action is prepared to implement the suggestions accepted by the IQAC.

Composition of the Internal Committee for AAA:

  1. Principal, Chairperson of AAA
  2. Vice-Principals
  3. Dean, Planning and Communication
  4. Dean, Administration
  5. Deans, Academic Affairs
  6. Three senior faculty members (Arts, Science and Commerce & Management Studies)
  7. IQAC Coordinator, Coordinator of AAA